Welcome to my new personal photo blog!

Thanks for bookmarking the site and I do appreciate any comments you might have.  This blog is my commitment to looking for, creating, and editing one photo every day of the year.

The reason:  To get back to what I love most in photography — Making Photographs!

The tools are very simple:  Truly one camera (a full size 35mm digital or film camera–but mostly a Canon 5d m2 camera for the speed of turnaround.  It’s nice to be able to make a photograph at 8 pm and then be able to post it right on the blog, if I need to) and one lens (a normal, or 50mm lens).

The inspiration for using this came from many sources.  One of my favorite photographers ever is Henri Cartier-Bresson, who used the 50mm or normal lens for most of his work — my love of his images prompted me to use a modern equivalent of his tools.  The movie Julie & Julia was about a writer who created a daily blog and how doing that altered her life (for mostly good) which led to the book on the link, and finally I read in a book about a photographer who created 52 books over the course of a year — one per week (using Blurb.com to print them)!

So just before the start of the new year , I shared this idea with Nicki and it received her blessing, so I said:  Let’s Do It!

I am so grateful that all three of the sources came together and helped spur me on to this project.  I’m not quite sure exactly where it will take me, all I know is that in the time that I have already done it, it has changed my life and made me a more thoughtful and better photographer.  That alone makes it worthwhile.

Thanks again for being here and be sure and leave a comment on a blog post, or here or send it to me at:  paul at paul f gero dot com.


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  1. That is a monumental undertaking. One that will reward you with so much more than you could have ever imagined when you started.

    It takes dedication and passion. I look forward to the lessons you learn along the way and everyone around you will benefit in some way.

    Godspeed my friend!

  2. I read your article on ProPhotoResource.com and just had to have a look at your blog and the images you have been creating! Wonderful!!!
    For a year now I have been setting up my own photography business doing mainly portraiture and I really thought I would be taking photographs all the time however setting up a business involves a lot of paper work, time working out price lists etc and I’ve found I can be going weeks without even touching my camera – which makes me very sad. Your project has really inspired me and I am going to try and achieve the same objective by taking a photo a day for a whole year (if not longer). I miss my camera and creativity. Thank you for inspiring me!

    1. Hi Alison,
      Thanks so much for writing and so glad you’re finding that the blog is giving you some encouragement. All the business stuff is great, but unless we make images that we love and want to show…glad you’re getting out and about making photographs!

    1. Hi Julie,
      Thanks so much for the kind words! I appreciate your taking the time to view the site and to comment!

  3. I am also 365-ing and starting to feel like everyone I know who has started a project like this, has already dropped out. So I am so relieved to find a fellow trooper, still at it! I’ll be following yours and love what you have accomplished so far!

    1. Hi Sarah,
      Thanks so much for your note and the encouragement! There have been some days that I want to say “I’m done” but I keep thinking of how I’ll feel if I stop and especially how incredible it’s going to feel on January 1, 2011 with this body of work behind me. Plus, it’s forced me to really think about our lives in photos and not just when someone is paying me to photograph…in fact I just got back from taking my daughter to school and made two frames of her with her classmates before they went into the classroom. Simple little moments that may make it onto the blog today, not sure, but if not it’s my sketch book.

  4. What a treasure you will have on Januaryf irst 2011. Just that will keep you going. Also it’s nice to see a nicely done photograph each day -not hurried through.

  5. Hey Paul, amazing stuff here. I’m really glad I found your blog. I’ve always thought the best use of my photojournalism skills was the ability to take great photos of my kids, and it looks like you have really more than mastered that. Thank you for sharing such great moments and good luck through 2011 and beyond!

  6. I cannot begin to tell you how impressive your project is Paul. I’ve tried this a few times and by the third week I was taking pictures of the back of my hand… Your work and vision are unique and thank you for sharing both with us..

  7. Hey Paul,
    Heard your appearance on “the Candid Frame” and had to take a look what a Project 365 looks like from a professional instead of a hack beginner like me.

    Love your work and the commitment it takes (I’m on Day 240).


  8. I, too, heard you on “the Candid Frame” podcast. I’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile. Your 365 Days of Images project inspired me to start one of my own. Thanks.

  9. I, too, heard your interview on the Candid Frame, and I’m so glad I found your project! You have completely opened my eyes as to how I should be using my 50 mm – I don’t think I’ll look through the lens again the same way. I pretty much dislike my zoom to begin with, and I think I’m now going to abandon it for awhile (or not . . .). I’m so glad I found your site before you hit 365!

    1. Hi Wendy,
      Thanks for your note! Glad you enjoyed the podcast and the blog! The discipline of the 50 is that it makes you work with that one focal length – you can’t just zoom you have to physically move…and sometimes when you can’t move fast enough, it forces you to analyze that scene super fast and then regroup and recompose and are forced to simply make it work….now sometimes it doesn’t *always* work that way, but you learn so much from that process of fast scan of the scene. A friend was telling me that he used to use the 28-135 a lot and he noticed from the exif data that he was using it at 28 and at 135 almost all the time…hmmm…so maybe you notice a similar trend in your work?
      Good luck on your project and thanks for commenting! pg

  10. Paul,
    I have been away from the Candid Frame for a while. I was pleased to have returned with your interview. I have been mulling over the 365 project; procrastinating, nervous I can’t complete, you name it. I just need to step off the ledge. Your twist with one lens, one camera will help me do just that. Great, simple idea and great work.
    Warm regards,
    Kevin K.

  11. Hello, Paul,
    Since my post to you a few days ago, I have begun Project 365. I’m working on Day 3 today and have something special planned, if the rain will let up! I hope you and the others who have commented here will look for me at http://www.imagesandcomments.com. I welcome constructive comments, hence, the name of my blog. Your photographic style and ability is incredible, and is very similar to the type of work I aspire to being able to produce consistently. I plan to follow your Project 365 through to its completion. Best wishes to you and your precious family. ka

    1. Hi Kim,

      Thanks for your note and your kind words.

      Good luck on your project — I will be checking on it!

      Have a wonderful year ahead with it. It can change your life!

  12. I have been following your blog for quite some time. I originally first saw the link from your sister (?) Mary. I find your photos intruiging and beautiful. Such simplicity made into something wonderful. Thank you for doing this and I hope you may continue next year.

    1. Hi Andree,

      Actually I’ve grown to appreciate it more and more throughout the year…having to use it for the blog has imposed a discipline where I might have simply put a 35mm on the camera and gone a little wider, but the 50 is really a magical focal length…and when the Zeiss is used at a large aperture like f2, f1.8 there is an AMAZING look that is so amazing. There’s really nothing quite like it.

  13. Paul,

    Like many others here, I discovered this site through your interview on the Candid Frame. The interview impressed upon me the passion that you felt about both your professional work and your 365 project. Viewing this blog left no doubt that your children will treasure the photographic legacy you’re leaving to them.

    I haven’t been able to find time for a 365 project, but I’ve been photographing our twins every weekend since they were born three years ago. Those photos show their growth, their relationships, and something of their personalities. When I’m gone–hopefully, years from now!–I hope they’ll find in those pictures not only memories that they can share with their own kids but a lasting reminder that their folks cared enough to preserve these times for them.

    Your beautiful photos will surely have that effect on your own family. Their use of light, composition, and negative space certainly inspire me! Thanks for sharing your work with the rest of us.


    1. Hi Ron,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write and let me know that you’re following the site. I do appreciate it and the kind words about the photos.
      I loved your photos on Flickr…your kids are gorgeous and well documented! Be sure and print them out (don’t let my wife see this or she’ll say “Physician Heal Thyself”). I can’t wait to create a book from this year’s project…that’s fueling me as I near the finish line.
      Have a great day!

  14. Hi Paul,
    This is a wonderful idea, and what amazing expressive images. Thank you for letting the betterphoto.com class your teaching know about your blog. I’m also enjoying and learning from your weekly lessons.

  15. Paul,

    Congrats! What a day…a Marquette win on National TV and completion of your blog. Thanks for being our family photographer. Please feel free to come by to see the photos, all framed and hanging on our wall. Happy New Years to you and your family, Paul.

    Dan & Elizabeth

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