Day Three Hundred fifty-four:

The Great Deluge Continues…

This is another day we have been pounded by rain here in the OC.

The last time I remember it raining this much was in 2005 (at least to the best of my memory).  That year California was pounded with rain in January and all that water caused a huge mudslide in Ventura County at La Conchita.  I’m certainly hoping that this year’s rain doesn’t cause devastation — though it’s certainly had an effect on the folks here.

Coming back from an appointment in Anaheim, I had the camera with me.

Seeing the weather like this took me back to a trip I made to Cape Town back in 2002.

It was winter there (our summer) but it was like this…socked in with rain, truly dreary.

Sitting in a bus with a group of travelers that I was documenting, I decided to put the camera up to the window and see what would happen.

This was back in the relatively early days of digital and I was thinking about making photographs that I would never have even probably attempted had I been shooting on film cameras.

I would put the camera and lens up to the window and just play…play with focus, play with color balance, play with exposure…just seeing what would happen when the variables were changed.

I still looked for things that struck my fancy whether it was a lone tree, or a cool pattern from a car that we passed while riding the bus.

The results were surprising and while the working methods were somewhat careless (maybe carefree would be a better word), the point was to push beyond making photos that you would normally make.

Today that came back and though a bit trickier while driving on the roads (don’t try this at home), it was still a fun challenge to try to make something interesting with what was available — and in this case a very rain-soaked road and the Christmas trees decorated along La Paz Road in Mission Viejo viewed at  1/8th of a second.


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