Day Three Hundred thirty-eight:

Tavin with “Watts”

This afternoon I had a unique kind of family portrait session for Jason and Jodi and their kids.

This was an extended portrait session at their home and I made a casual portrait of the family in front of the home, but also spent time photographing Jason playing with the kids in the front yard, and later interviewing them on camera for a new kind of family portrait session blending moving images and stills with sound and music.

This portrait of Tavin was made near the end when it seemed the session was “over”.  Just goes to show that sometimes the best photos are made “before” the session starts and “after” it’s over.  There’s something that seems to happen.  People let down their guard even more, thinking that it’s over.

Watts is a new addition to the family and named so because he’s so excited.  But he was pretty subdued and enjoyed hanging out on the family couch, no doubt relishing his luck to be adopted by such a great family.


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