Day Three hundred thirty-six:

Sparky meet Santa…

Well, we tried.

We weren’t exactly sure just how he would react when he saw Santa for the first time (well, he actually was photographed with Santa last year, but it almost doesn’t count since he was only 2 months old back then).

This reminds me so much of a photo I made of Kate with Santa, when she was almost a year old.  And they both reacted almost the same.

We didn’t leave him there long — he certainly didn’t settle down.

Oh well, I’m certain that in a couple of years he will be totally changed when he realizes just what Santa means.


2 thoughts on “Day Three hundred thirty-six:

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      I probably won’t keep this particular project going — but instead to put more attention on my I’d like to post images six days a week there.
      This has been an amazing project — I can’t believe it’s almost a year!!

      Hope you’re doing well and have a great holiday season!

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