Day Three Hundred Thirty:

Manhattan Beach Pier after sunset…

This afternoon Nicki and I took the kids up to our old haunts of Manhattan Beach to photograph our dear friends Diane and Steve and their kids and the grandkids, too!

Their daughter Jade is now a freshman in college up in Santa Barbara — we were marveling at how much she has grown since we first moved to Manhattan Beach in 2003 and rented a two bedroom apartment from Diane.  We used to hear her play the piano through the window and it always made Nicki and I feel very good because we both studied piano when we were that age.

Sean and Jessica brought their little ones — the year old twins — and they did quite well considering it was a bit chilly and a bit windy down by the pier.  It was busy down there — we weren’t the only ones doing family portraits for the holidays — though everyone seemed to get what they needed.

I hadn’t seen Sean and Jessica for a couple of years (at brother Steve’s wedding) and it was great to see them.  I photographed their wedding up in Carmel in 2007 and great to see them healthy, happy and just glowing as parents.

It’s great to be able to see them and share my photography with them.  They have been such a wonderful part of our lives and we’re always glad to see them and catch up — since we’ve been down here it’s just not enough.


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