Day Three hundred twelve:

Kate, Sparky, Nicki…

Sparky’s been battling a little bit of a cold the past few days.

We’ll hear him cough at night through the monitor and he’s been congested during the day as well.  It’s affected his mood, his appetite and his sleep.  Meltdowns have been much more common over this time.

Nicki thought that putting him in the shower would help him with that congestion (the steam).  Time will tell if it did for sure, but I think it did.  It certainly raised his mood.

Of course, if Sparky was in the shower with Mom, Kate had to be as well.

As I sat on the floor photographing them, and then after they were out of the shower running around between the bedroom, the bathroom, and the bedroom closet, giggling, laughing and playing tag, I was struck at how much our lives had changed in such a short span of time.

Just five years ago, we were waiting, anticipating Kate’s birth, excited but certainly not having a clue just how much this would change us.  And then, just over a year ago, we were waiting for Sparky and again we had no real idea what his addition would bring to the family.

Tonight just watching these little ones, just hearing them laugh and play, I just had this sense that whatever we went through in the process to get here, this was why.  They were the reason.

Without a doubt.


4 thoughts on “Day Three hundred twelve:

  1. I meant to add: “Because if I ever showed up during her shower with my SLR, I would have to hope the floor was too slippery for her to run after me!

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