Day Three hundred six:

Matthew, Kids of OC Session….

Young Matthew hangs around at a local park during his Kids of OC 2010 Session this afternoon.

He and his older brother Jack had a great time exploring Pines Park in Dana Point, a fantastic park that previous clients Dave and Carolyn first shared with me.

Forget the off the charts jungle gym there, instead the boys spent their entire session hanging out at the trees and just could not have been happier.

This was a hectic day for sessions — three family sessions including photographing little Troy at CHOC and then ending the day with James and Jack (who I last photographed in 2007 and so glad they’re going to be a part of this year’s book project).

Looking forward to a few more KOOC sessions this week and then we’ll be finishing the book, sending it to our printer in Australia in time for a holiday delivery.  It’s going to be tight, just like last year.  The rain from two weeks ago put us a little bit behind, and so glad that we’ve had fantastic weather this week to make up for it.


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