Day Three hundred five:

Matthew and his Dad…

This evening I had a session with this little guy, whom I first met last year while photographing him for the KOOC 2009.

I hadn’t seen him since that time and was amazed at how much he had grown, how much more verbal and physical he is now.

Plus I can’t believe that it was a year ago and we’re now wrapping up the Kids 2010 book.

Life seems to be flying by faster every year.

I was glad Matthew’s Dad Scott was there too — as a Dad I’m always glad to get a photo like this…which reminds me, we need to have another family session soon because I can toss Sparky in the air and he loves it.  I want to be sure and have that photographed because I know how quickly that will go away.

Kate is almost 5 and she’s getting to the point where she’s almost too big to throw in the air like this.  Which makes me sad because it is such a wonderful stage and plus there’s nothing quite like the laugh a child makes when they’re “flying”.


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