Day Three hundred four:

Halloween Stash…

Kate came home after Trick or Treat and sat down in the living room amidst her take.

She woke up wanting to go right to Jason and Jodi’s Halloween party (“not until later today, sweetie”).

And after lunch again wanted to go over for the party.

To say she was excited would be a an understatement.

She was Lady Liberty — Granny Moira made her dress and sent it from S. Africa.  She had a torch that we got over here and painted her face green for today.  Surprisingly she kept it on without a fuss.

Sparky was King Kong, Nicki was The Chrysler Building and I was a NY Cab Driver — We were the Skyline of New York as a family.

After this photograph, Kate went up to get ready for bed — no bath (but a good cleansing of the face) and the usual floss and brush and then she went to bed.

Within minutes she was conked out — I’m not sure if it was from just the full day of activity or a total crash after all of the sugar.  Probably it was a little bit of both.


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