Day Two hundred ninety-nine:

Best friends, Laguna Beach….

I had a session at Montage Beach this afternoon and thankfully we had some light.

It continued to get better as the afternoon went on but I really loved the feel of this photograph of two best friends, Madeleine & Alexa running along the surf.

I photographed two families in today’s session — each of the kids will be featured in the Kids of OC 2010 Charity Book Project (individual photographs).

It’s been quite a summer and we’re finishing up the sessions very soon though last week’s rain forced us to reschedule several sessions (including today’s).


2 thoughts on “Day Two hundred ninety-nine:

  1. Yeah,
    that ROCKS. Great as always .
    I just love your pics. You always catch something in move.
    Do you know where I will be able to buy this charity book over here in Europe?

    Thanks for the great photoexperience,

  2. Hi Raeisch,
    Thanks for your post…contact me at paul at paul f gero dot com and I can take care of that order for you.


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