Day Two hundred ninety-one:

Trinity Bleu against blue…

She’s not quite a year old, but she’s already walking.

Having a one year old at home, too, I recognize the same little style of walking.

Almost like a mini Frankenstein is how they move at this stage.

It’s so fleeting too.  Sparky is already getting more sure of foot as I’m sure Trinity will too.  Give her about a month.

I’m noticing too, that watching Spark grow up is a totally different experience than it was with Kate.  Maybe it was just that it was all so new, we were so unsure of what we were doing, that we didn’t enjoy it as much the first time around.

This time it’s different.  Much more relaxed and enjoying the little stages not only because they’re his, but because they will be the last one’s we’ll experience since we don’t plan on having any more children.

This time around that age one time frame is hugely enjoyable — and so nice that I was able to photograph Trinity as she is experiencing it for herself.


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