Day Two hundred eighty-five:

The Williams family, Salt Creek Beach…

Today’s session was for a family we’ve known for quite a while — Frank and Cori from Arizona and their sons Teague and Darius.

Frank and Cori are both photographers and I used to work with Cori at the Arizona Republic.

The boys had their mid session school break so they were able to get over from AZ to spend time at the beach and also to visit Legoland and Disneyland (of course!).

We’ve been planning the session for a while, since knowing that they’re coming for vacation, and though the weather was a bit cloudy, the light still was amazing.

This image was made with the 50mm lens, though cropped to a slightly different aspect ratio (2:1 rather than 2:3) to emphasize the reflections and the family.

It was great to see them and I’m so glad that they made time during their visit to have the family photographed.  It’s something that Nicki and I do every year at least once because I want the kids to have pictures of them WITH their Dad not just MADE by their Dad.


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