Day Two hundred eighty-two:

Jessica + Jarrid |  10 • 9 • 10  |  Clovis, CA

Today Jessica married Jarrid in a ceremony east of Fresno at a private residence in Clovis.

The bride and groom both serve in the military — Jessica in the Army Reserves, Jarrid in the Marine Corps.

Both will be deployed to the Middle East soon:  Jessica to Iraq and Jarrid will be going to Afghanistan early next year.

Wishing them both the very best in their new life together — thank you both for your service!

(Special thank you to Richard Photo Lab — Brian Greenberg and Bill Pyne — who is processing and scanning the film images from this wedding (which will be shown on my site).  And also thanks to George Balle and Dan Milnor for their help in making this coverage  — and especially thanks to Nicki and the kids for their patience while I was gone to cover this wedding, following closely on the heals of my 8 days away in the midwest the week before).

ETA: Jessica won’t have to be deployed!  So she’ll be able to send Jarrid off in February and welcome him when he arrives back in February 2012.


2 thoughts on “Day Two hundred eighty-two:

  1. LOVE this moment! I usually follow you in a reader, but had to come on over and thank your Jessica and Jarryd for their service! They will be so grateful for the images you captured on this day. 🙂

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