Day Two Hundred seventy-two:

A new house…

My sister Mary and her husband Scott and the kids (Stef and Jake) moved into their brand new home in Lake Mills today.

Scott is the development director at Lakeside H.S. there and he and the kids have been doing an 80 mile round trip commute to school from their former home in Beaver Dam for years.

Jake, a sophomore in school and really active on the football team (starting right guard) was the one who pushed them over the edge when he simply said:  “Why can’t we move?”

So they did.  They packed up their home in Beaver Dam and made the commitment to a new subdivision in the same town as their school.

Mary runs her own Mary Kay business so she can work basically anywhere, so the decision saved them a lot of time and a lot of money for gas.

Jake will make his room down in the large basement, which will be finished in time, but for now it’s still down to the studs and concrete, but Scott was sure to hang Jake’s three Northern Pikes that he has caught in his young life.


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