Day Two hundred seventy:

Cornfield, Hwy 89 at sunset, north of Waterloo, WI…

Heading back from a day that included a trip to Madison, a trip over to Lake Mills to watch Mary and Scott go through the walk-through of their new home (which is beautiful and they’ll take possession on Wednesday), I witnessed a gorgeous sunset that cast a glow on the corn waiting for harvest along Hwy 89, the road that goes between the towns.

Ironic that Mary and Scott are now going to be living in Lake Mills.

That town was our arch-rival in all sports throughout my time in high school, surviving a change of conferences midway through my years there (it preserved a great little rivalry).  (My brother in law  Scott works at the private Lutheran School where my nephew Jake attends it resides in the same town as the old rival, The Lake Mills L-Cats.  Both the Lake Mills schools — the public and the private — are now in the same conference as my former high school)

I remember nights driving back from here and the Friday night football game and it would seem that the taillights would light up the road all the way from Lake Mills to Columbus.  Not West Texas football, but still our version of “Friday Night Lights” — Cheesehead style.

Unfortunately I’ll miss this Friday’s game where Jake will play (a starter on the offensive line, as a sophomore).  I’ll be in Chicago for a great wedding rehearsal dinner — the big day on Saturday.

Seeing the landscape brought back some many memories.  They lie dormant until something — like a visit — triggers them and then you remember them in waves.

It feels familiar, it feels like home and it’s great to be back here.


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