Day Two hundred sixty-seven

My niece Stefanie and her fiance…

Today I did a very special engagement portrait session.

They’re all very special, though this one is EXTRA special since it’s family.

Stefanie, from Wisconsin, is getting married next summer and we got to meet her fiance Jeremy on this past week’s trip to CA.

He’s a gentleman, generous, and we’ve spent alot of time together during the family visit week.

It’s been so nice getting to know him and see them both as a couple.

We marvel at their youth and their commitment so clear at such a young age.

I’ve known Stef since a baby, but really got to know her just after her fourth birthday.  That was when her brother Jake was being born and I was with the family as I documented the events around the birth and his arrival (at their request).

I got to know her by being around and watching her spunk.  I’ve followed her documenting her at school during her first week of kindergarten, to her ice skating, and even in high school as she became a competitive runner.

Next summer I’ll continue this family documentation by photographing the wedding and I am so looking forward to it!

It’s been a joy getting to know her over the years, watch her grow and now take a huge adult step.  In some ways I feel like I’m almost reliving her life a bit as I watch our Kate grow up too.  Seeing how Kate and Stef and Jeremy have bonded has been super sweet, one of those things that you love to see as a Dad.  Kate just idolizes and adores Stefanie.

Congratulations you too and wishing you both a lifetime of happiness (and hopefully the cranky, tired, and hungry kids don’t scare you off — trust me, they’re worth it)!


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