Day Two hundred sixty-five:

Sparky’s First Haircut…

Administered by his cousin Stefanie visiting from Wisconsin.

Stef recently completed her studies at the Paul Mitchell Academy outside of Milwaukee and is working in the suburbs now as well, and is not only loving it, she’s already gaining a loyal following.

The little guy has been transformed by the haircut.

No longer does he look like a baby, he instantly looks like a bigger boy.

Kate also had her long locks cut into a sweet bob and Mom could not be happier.  It has been too long for entirely too long, but we were waiting so Stef could cut her hair while on the trip.

It’s been a wonderful couple of days, watching as Kate has just bonded so much with Stef and herfiance Jeremy.

There is something about that familial bond that can’t quite be explained.  She was this way with her cousins Liz, Pat and James while visiting South Africa in March and it’s the same way with Stef.

Listening to her laugh – so filled with shear joy —  as they were playing tag running between the front yard, through the living room, and then watching her give them hugs after her bath and before bed just did my heart good.

That’s what family is all about.


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