Day Two hundred fifty-six:

First year well check…

Sparky gets his first year check up with Dr. Eric Ball at SOCPA this afternoon.

Of course he just couldn’t sit there quietly while waiting for the exam.  Instead, he tore up the paper used to protect the exam table and then proceeded to twist and turn the blinds.

Luckily they were Sparky-proof.

All is well, he’s doing just fine and now that he’s walking, he’s a one (little) man wrecking crew.


One thought on “Day Two hundred fifty-six:

  1. One man wrecking crew, huh? Maybe I can ask him to take my barn down. Do you think he’d do it for the sheer pleasure in wrecking something?

    He looks extremely curious here as to what his doc is doing to him. Very inquisitive, huh?

    Maybe he’ll trade the wrecking ball mentality in for a stethoscope someday…..wait…maybe a veterinary stethoscope!!

    Peggy 🙂

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