Day Two hundred thirty-six:

Braided hair….

Kate and I took a little break at the little gazebo near the house this morning.

Originally it was to kick the soccer ball around in anticipation of her AYSO soccer practice on Thursday afternoon.

I think that lasted all of about 10-15 kicks at the most and then Kate wanted to stop and go find “fairy dust”.

She and her neighborhood friends spend a lot of time in this little park with their moms and siblings and they create with whatever they find.

In so many ways this is better than any playground because they run and go find leaves, dirt and create things such as “leaf pie” as Kate was doing this morning.

As she was making her creation, I made this image that showed the braid that Nicki put in her hair in the morning and believe me, that is not easy because Kate is so fussy about how her hair is brushed (sometimes it’s a bit of a battle).


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