Day Two hundred nineteen:

At the Annual Summer Pool Party, Poway…

We spent the afternoon at Chris and Fiona’s for the annual pool party.

Kate was in all her glory, of course.

Sheila and Mal just returned from S. Africa and were able to act as courier for Granny Moira and brought back Kate’s newest Princess dress — The Princess and the Frog dress.

And she barely took it off (just to swim, pretty much) and even kept it on as she did hula hoop and shot baskets.

She did, however, take it off when she was playing volleyball on the sand courts.

It was a great time to be with the family here and made the two hour trek in huge rush hour traffic (Del Mar Race Course traffic perhaps?) worth it.


One thought on “Day Two hundred nineteen:

  1. How cool for her to have a new dress –

    Great dress for the Miss….and to think that she saw “Princess and the Frog” with me and Marthers in December.

    One of my fondest memories was taking her to the movie that week. She was SO good and just sat there and enjoyed the flick and popcorn with her aunt and friend.

    I think she loves that hula hoop thing.

    Go Katie!!

    Aunt Peggy :=)

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