Day Two hundred thirteen

Visit with Boris and Doff…

Nicki’s cousins Boris and Doff came for dinner and a visit this evening.

We haven’t seen them in a while — they have a hectic party schedule in their neighborhood and with their travels, so it was great to finally catch up.

They have been like guardian angels for us since we arrived in California in 2002 — when we first arrived they were traveling in S. Africa for a month so we were able to house sit for them.

That sure made the transition from CA to AZ so much softer.  Plus living in their condo on the waterfront in Huntington Beach (where we were actually COLD because our blood had thinned so from the desert heat!) was not too tough to take, though.

We’ll see them again very soon at the annual summer pool party.

Here Kate shows off her newly acquired hoola-hoop skills to their amusement.  After only three days Kate has really gotten quite good at the sport.  Practice plus her competitive nature makes it so.


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