Day Two hundred:

Nicki, Kate and Sparky and their new pool..

Nicki found a new favorite little pool to take the kids.  Nestled in a neighborhood close to home is a pool where they can use floaties for the little ones.

Since she is seriously allergic to sunscreen (she breaks out even if Sparky is just holding her after it’s been applied and in his skin.  Wild.) this really helps her out because she can keep Spark cool, occupied and watch him while she cools off herself.

They all met with many of their Mom friends and kid friends for an afternoon playdate.


2 thoughts on “Day Two hundred:

  1. Random question…I am developing allergies to many skin products as well, and am afraid sunscreen is right around the corner. How does Nikki keep from burning without sunscreen?

    1. Hi Jennifer…she doesn’t use it…which I wish wasn’t the case but she can’t even use the most sensitive baby stuff without breaking out…

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