Day One hundred eighty-three:

Kate viewed through her star-shaped magic wand…

Halfway through the year and today’s photograph was made during dinner.

Seated in Nicki’s chair I got a slightly different view on both the kids as we ate — Nicki feeding Sparky and me helping Kate.

Both were exhausted.  And it showed in their faces.

As I was watching Kate, looking for an image that was a bit different than what I had made earlier this year, I kept looking for that evidence of exhaustion.

She was slouched over, and it was a battle to get her to focus on broccoli, carrots or her chicken.

Up came the wand and she placed it between us, while I focused on her eye.  Because it was too close to the camera, it was out of focus, but I loved how it framed her and altered  the image.

Definitely not a conventional portrait, but one I like nonetheless.


2 thoughts on “Day One hundred eighty-three:

    1. Hey Rick,

      Thanks so much. I hope you and the family are having a great weekend. How’s Karen feeling?

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