Day One hundred fifty-one:

Memorial Day Ceremony, Lake Forest, CA…

This morning Kate and I attended a local Memorial Day observance at the El Toro Memorial Park.

This photograph shows Dan Traxler with Bugles Across America, performing Taps after the Honor Guard Firing Salute at the Park.

For Kate it was her first Memorial Day ceremony, and the first one that I had attended in a while.  When I was younger it was a big thing to attend the ceremony in Columbus.  When I worked in journalism I would often cover similar ceremonies.

As I have gotten older the importance of this ceremony and what it really means just grows.  Having two little ones now and wanting them to eventually appreciate the sacrifice of the thousands of soldiers that have given their lives for this country.

While Kate doesn’t yet grasp the enormity of the events that led to this remembrance today, it’s just the first seed that we’ll plant to make sure that she will.  Even if this early memory is covering her ears while the ceremonial gun salute took place.


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