Day One hundred forty-seven:

Staples Center, Los Angeles…

It was “old home week” for me today up in LA as I went up to see my friends and former colleagues from Phoenix, Rob Schumacher and Mike Chow — who were photographing Game 5 of the Lakers and Suns series.

It was great to hang out with them before and after the game and while visiting I also got to see another part of that history — Charles Barkley.

Here Charles is holding court on the pre game show on TNT with the rest of the crew.

In 93 when Charles was in his prime (MVP season) playing for the Suns, the three of us covered the NBA playoffs and Finals which became the Jordan and Barkley Show.

Charles was just as entertaining then as he is now — he was (and still is) always good for a quote.

It was fun going back in time a bit for the day — what made it especially great was to see my old friends.


2 thoughts on “Day One hundred forty-seven:

  1. Perfect Paul! Takes me back to ’93 when we were all wearing our Suns shirts with the Republic front page and your frame on it. There’s still a little hope it will happen again!

    1. Eric,
      Thanks for the post! I totally forgot about those shirts! Here’s hoping they make it to the finals!

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