Day One hundred thirty-two:

Sean and his girls…

This afternoon I stopped by my friend Sean’s home in Dana Point and caught up with him and his family.

I hadn’t seen him for a long time — his previous job kept him on the road (to the tune of over 120,000 airmiles last year alone) constantly and I hadn’t seen his little ones for, well, I’m shocked to say for years.

When we first met Sean and Rebekah Kate was in the womb and Dillen was about 3.  They had Roxy just about six weeks before Kate and I hadn’t seen her since she was a year old.  And today was the first time I met Piper.

It just drove home the point just how fast time here has flown — and how important it is to make time for friends.

We all decided we’re all going to get together in the next couple of weeks and see how the kids all do together — now THAT should be fun, too!


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