Day One hundred twenty-seven:

It’s official…he’s now a little boy and not a baby…

Just this week Sparky has outgrown his little baby tub which we would use in our bathroom for his nightly bath.

That little tub is now just one of the other newborn “things” that are going to be sold only to make room for more big boy toys and things.

Tonight after dinner Kate and Sparky bathed together, the first time I was able to photograph them when they were both in good form.  A couple weeks back we placed them together for the first time here, but he was running a fever and just not having any of it.

But tonight he was in a sweet little mood, splashing about half the water out of the tub onto the floor of the bathroom — which was Kate’s and now it’s Their’s.

Those two have such a sweet bond.  She is able to coax the best laugh out of him — so much better than Mom or Dad. A breathy, deep little soulful yalp that just makes us smile and laugh ourselves.


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