Day One hundred nineteen:

He’s pulling himself up…

Here Spark stands in the laundry basket (Nicki placed him in it this morning as she was running around upstairs doing chores–that’s her hand holding the basket so it doesn’t tip).

While sitting in it, guess who starts pulling himself up?  Oh boy, that means walking can’t be too far behind.


2 thoughts on “Day One hundred nineteen:

  1. Wow, that was pretty quick. Josh is just now starting to walk…and that’s two months ahead of when his sister did!

    1. Hi Eric,
      I think we’re in store for something like that too! Kate walked at just around 10 months and I thought that was fast…I think Sparky might beat her…It’s great fun to watch all the changes especially with an older sibling to spur them on! Hope you guys come out this way soon…would love to see you all. Paul

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