Day One hundred eleven:

6:20 A.M.

I almost did it again.

I almost left the camera at home.  And with the winter weather front moving through the area, I should’ve known better.

Heading to the gym, I thought…ahh, just go you won’t need the camera….everytime I hear that little voice in my head, I know that I’m going to need the camera.  You’d think I’d learn.

The moment I walked out the door, I saw the eastern sky and quickly ran back into the house, grabbed the camera, formatted a card.

This was the second image I made of the morning.

Glad I had the camera with me.


One thought on “Day One hundred eleven:

  1. Glad you caught that photo…..I think it’s great!!

    That bunch of clouds if you look carefully, it looks like “Stripe Gremlin” or a wise old sage with the big eyebrows…..

    With spring brewing in WI, every morning is spectacular….the cardinal (who I named Charlie) sings to me every morning as do the sandhills who make tons of noise.

    Thanks for sharing your photos!!

    Peggy 🙂

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