Day Eighty-eight:

Kate rides in a boat on Lake Crystal at Mbona…

What Nicki and I had hoped for on this trip has come to pass.  Kate really has gotten to know and truly bond with her cousins.

Here she’s on the canoe  driven by her oldest cousin James (far left), and riding with her other cousin Lizzie (far right, who is 5).  Patrick, the middle cousin, is in the background. (Mbona,  where they have a vacation home, is about 1 1/2 hours from Tony and Moira’s home).

Kate and Liz have become the best of buds, and the boys have been so good to both her and the baby.  James is especially loving to Sparky and just spends so much time with him, carrying him and playing with him.  It’s so nice that they have forged a bond as well.

Last night Kate got to do her SECOND sleep over at the cousins and tonight had a full force meltdown when she couldn’t spend the second night in a row with them.

It was sad to see that happen (and also tough on the ears — Kate is like a midwestern tornado warning horn) but it is also sweet because underneath it is that special bond that first cousins have and so glad Kate has found it with Lizzie, Patrick and James.


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