Day Eighty-two:

Beauty & The Beasts…

This afternoon we went to Tala, a private game reserve about 35 miles from Tony & Moira’s.

It’s a very special place to us.

When Nicki and I were engaged, we went there for a visit and met Mandy, the daughter of the owner Stuart.  Mandy found out we were from Arizona and said:  My sister Kelly moved to Scottsdale two weeks ago, why don’t you give her a call?

Once back and Nicki was getting a bit homesick for South Africa, I suggested she give Kelly a call.

She did and we have been fast friends ever since.  Kelly’s Uncle Malcolm and Aunt Peggy were gracious in hosting  our wedding reception, and we are so very grateful for that wonderful act of kindness.

It was so nice to finally meet Stuart today (Nicki has met him several times)… we had a lovely lunch with him, Tina, his son Greg and her niece Fiona at the Reserve and it was fantastic.

After that we headed for a game drive and saw zebra, rhinos, hippos, warthogs and other animals. But seeing the giraffes is extra special..especially for a princess.


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