Day Eighty-one:

What a privilege to see Durban from this angle.

Craig Campbell-Gilles, a long time friend of ours (his wife Karen was one of Nicki’s bridesmaids in our wedding), was so kind to give me the best tour ever of Durban — from the front seat of his Robinson R44 helicopter.

We went up in early afternoon and luckily the sky was still clear blue as we worked the coast and I got to see a spectacular view of the new Moses Mabhida Stadium (lower right) which will be one of the World Cup Soccer Stadiums in South Africa this coming June (there were three new soccer stadiums built:  one in Cape Town, Johannesburg and this one in Durban).

By the end of the day when I would have normally liked to be flying, the cloud cover moved in and the light would have been bad.  So we had a fantastic flight and even better, after that we had a lovely lunch with Karen and Craig at their home in Durban.


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