Day Seventy-three:

We had a warm visit with the Griffin family this afternoon, even though today was cold and rainy.

Murray is one of Nicki’s oldest and dearest friends and he and his wife Melony have 3 beautiful children.  They were kind enough to have us around for an afternoon playdate that extended into a lovely dinner with their family as an added bonus.

Kate loved playing with their oldest, Jenna, who is twice Kate’s age and you could sense Kate looking up to her as she followed Jenna around this afternoon.  It’s really sweet to see her play with Nicki’s friends’ children in addition to the cousins.  There’s deep deep bonds there and it’s nice to see them being passed along to the next generation.

Here the Griffin kids sit with the baby this afternoon.  He has been thoroughly spoiled by family and friends, I might add.  It’s tough to now get him to sleep in the afternoon without him being held but it’s the good kind of spoiling and since it’s only going to be for such a short time, it’s worth it.


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