Day Seventy-two:

Moira simply doesn’t take no for an answer.

Late this morning we headed up to Michaelhouse, a private, all boys boarding school that Tony attended and completed his studies  in 1957.  Sons Michael and Andy completed their schooling there in the 80s as well. Imagine Dead Poets Society and you’ve got the South African equivalent.

After loading up the car, kids and cameras for an hour and a half trek up to the area called “The Midlands” we got to the gate.  We would have a leisurely walk on campus and then find a nice shady spot for a picnic.  Or so we thought.

The attendant turned us away because a feature film based on the novel “Spud” was being filmed on the campus. Ironically Spud is about attending the private school in the 90s and was first published in 2005.

But Moira would not be denied.

We pulled over, she and Tony got out of the car, and after about fifteen minutes of chatting to the guard, somehow she was able to get him to let us onto the property, his orders notwithstanding.  Not quite a Jedi mind trick, but we’ll take it.

In this photograph Tony and Moira (pushing Sparky) pass by Farfield House the dorm where Tony lived, as did the sons all those years ago.

As we were walking through the campus I thought how cool would it be if Sparky attended Michaelhouse when he’s old enough and continued the family tradition.


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