Day Sixty-seven:

Late this afternoon we took a little walk up the road to the shops near Tony & Moira’s.

There’s construction like crazy in this area outside of Durban — the finishing touches for the World Cup Soccer later this year as well as an area that is expanding rapidly (and is much more developed than my last trip here in 2004).

Nicki’s childhood friend Murray told me the other night at dinner that when he was a young boy (in the 70’s), he used to ride his horse along the main road, park, shop and ride back home.

With all the traffic on the main road, I wouldn’t want to ride a horse now, and walking it is a bit dodgy too.

But we managed to navigate the side of the road, the trails and the lack of sidewalks which was made a bit trickier since we had Sparky in his stroller.  Such a contrast to the pristine perfection of Ladera’s streets.

As we were crossing the street, waiting on a little island, the sound of young boys singing and chanting rose above the traffic.  Behind us were two school buses with boys hanging out each of them, singing and pointing at each other.  I’m not sure what they were singing, because it was in Zulu, but it sure had energy.  I made this image as one of the buses passed us along The Old Main Road.


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