Day Sixty-six:

The weather today was the Durban weather Nicki hoped we’d have for the trip.

Crystal clear blue skies, warm, breezy and just the perfect March weather (like September in the Northern Hemisphere).

This morning, after a rough night of sleep for the boy though we think we figured out why he isn’t sleeping well.  He hasn’t been drinking his formula for the past few days.  For some strange reason he’s developed an aversion to the taste of it so he’s been drinking about half of what he’s supposed to.  We got a full bottle in him tonight and he seemed to go to bed very happy so we’re crossing our fingers (or “holding thumbs” as they say here in SA) that he’ll sleep through the night.

If he does, we can avoid musical beds in the middle of the night as we try to keep Kate getting a full nights’ sleep (or pay the price the next day) by avoiding the crying baby.

It’s nearly 10 PM here in Durban and so far things are quiet.

This morning was a family gathering here at the homestead.  Nicki’s brother Michael, his wife Belinda and their three kids came down to visit as did Belinda’s sister, her husband Adam and their two kids.  Kate has been wishing to see “The Cuthins” for the past few days and since she got up this morning all she could say was, “I want to see my cuthins”.

She got her wish, they reacquainted and for the next few hours they played baseball, swam, and ate.  When they left early in the afternoon, there was a rather forlorn little girl.

Fortunately I had a two family portrait session this afternoon nearby.

And since Nicki knew the families, we brought the kids and they had a blast.  Kate was in her element on the trampoline and then later in the pool with the Strachen girls and the Dales kids.

Somehow Kate ended up with a South African flag in her hands that was at the home and brought up to the house by one of the kids. 


One thought on “Day Sixty-six:

  1. Love the photo with the SA flag. I so remember the movie “Invictus” that I saw before seeing you guys in California last December. Nicki mentioned the flag on the back of the 4-runner. I asked which one. Of course the one that Kate has.

    Your children get to have a truly international vacation…I envy you being able to travel so far away from home. I’d love to be able to go to some foreign lands. Perhaps, I will get there. Australia, NZ, England and Scotland call to me…as well as Aruba and the US Virgin Islands. In time, I do hope to get there.

    I love Katie Kate’s pink dress.

    Enjoy your trip and memories!!

    Peggy 🙂

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