Day Sixty-four:

Kate has been in her glory since our visit…

She is getting loads of attention from Granny and Grandpa and getting to play with the dogs and the cats, though I think we’re going to have to cut back on the cats because Kate is developing an allergy to them.  It’s too bad, because she loves carrying the cat around just like her hero Olivia (in the book).

Not to mention the new princess dress — Sleeping Beauty.

Granny has simply outdone herself with this dress and it is the one Kate wants to wear ALL the time.  Cinderella and Belle made their way with us from the States but have barely been worn since the new pink dress came out.

Here Kate eyes her friend Millie who is holding a ball during a break in the action of a ball toss game in the morning in the backyard as Granny was hanging laundry.


2 thoughts on “Day Sixty-four:

  1. i’m surprised kate hasn’t talked you guys into getting a dog yet! i remember her love for dogs when we were there a couple years ago…ever since we lost wrigley to diabetes last september, all teague talks about is “when do we get our new dog?”

    (love the dress!)

    1. Cori…

      Not yet, but it won’t surprise if she does after we get back. But there’s a huge difference between Casa Gero and the Casa Kidd Estate in S. Africa ;-)!


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