Day Sixty-two:

March 3rd: Durban, South Africa:

I can’t believe that the week is already at Wednesday.  It just simply has gone so quickly.  Of course sitting for two days in a plane watching the clock spin doesn’t help.

Today we were all battling our version of jet lag.  Last night Sparky woke up screaming and because he didn’t have a meal schedule routine set, Nicki took him into her bed and fed him throughout the night to stop the shrieks.  Kate hopped into bed with me and slept well, until about 4 a.m. when the birds started to chirp and wake her….then her constant tossing and turning in the bed woke me and it was pretty much up for the day.  Hunger got me out of bed too.

Nicki, though, didn’t get nearly as much sleep so she handed me and the grandparents the kids and went back to get a few more hours of sleep.  If you know Nicki you know she needs her sleep, so I rarely argue.

So while she slept we fed the boy, fed ourselves breakfast and Kate and Granny got busy enjoying their time together.  Today’s adventures included baking brownies in the morning, picking home grown butternut squash later, and then running errands around town with Mom and Granny and Sparky.  Kate, still feeling the effects of jet lag, fell fast asleep in the shopping cart.

While I write this now at 11:40 pm Durban time (1:40 PM OC time) Tony, Moira, Kate and Nicki are asleep (I think Nicki’s asleep) and Sparky is at it again.  He’s shrieking and screaming and it’s going on two hours.  He’s battled a cold the entire trip (which is pretty common for his little life — having a big sister who gives you colds from preschool is not a shocker) and has done reasonably well, considering that.  But I think it’s a combination of the cold, the new environment,the wacky jet lag that are all catching up.  Here’s hoping the shrieking stops soon (we’re doing the “cry it out” method much to the chagrin of Granny Moira, I think).  (update: Finally at 12:05 it’s quiet.)

Tomorrow, we’ll be more in the routine and more synched with the local time and we’ll venture out, though yet not sure what.  But I know one thing that when it’s here in Africa it will always be an adventure.


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