Day Fifty-nine

Feb. 28 2010: The day we’ve been waiting for, planning for and anticipating for weeks, if not months is now here.

The dream we had last year to go to South Africa for a month is now almost a reality.  And sometimes reality can be a frightening thing.

It’s one thing to think about it, to plan it, to just simply dream about it, it’s another thing to actually do it.

With about 15 minutes to spare, I finished the last project I could possibly get to before our noon departure and then things would either be completed on the laptop in S. Africa or will have to wait until we get back.

And just past noon, we left in the 4Runner jammed with suitcases — probably way too much — cameras, computers and especially two kids.  Those were the real  reasons for making this trip.  The timing just worked.

Sparky is now 5 1/2 months and Kate is just over four so if we didn’t do it now, we probably wouldn’t be able to make the trip for another 4 years.

Nicki flew with Kate by herself to SA when Kate was 22 months and it was a fright.  Of course, it is Kate, who is a handful even now, forceful personality and all, but we just didn’t want to take a chance that Sparky would be the same if we waited.

Plus the World Cup was coming to South Africa so that would make trips and accommodations that much more expensive; flying at Christmas time just doesn’t work for us.  So March it is.

And this photograph was made of the multi-national flight attendants on Emirates Air before they boarded the flight and then took us to Dubai. It was a scene that just reminded me of what flying must have been like.  The uniforms, and it didn’t hurt that the old American Airlines looking logo behind them, just gave me that sense of the grand days of flying.

(If you’re ever going to the Mideast, fly Emirates…the service was stellar, the seating comfortable even for coach, and it was simply the best experience I have had flying to Africa (and this was my fourth trip and fourth different route…having the layover and downtime made it the best).


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