Day Fifty-eight:

“Your daughter wants you to go up stairs and find her ” Nicki said to me with a smirk.  In the middle of our preparations for the trip to S. Africa, I got a good sense where she would be.

Walking into the room, the psychedelic suitcases that Nicki bought two years ago for her last trip to Africa were against the wall, the room quiet.

Inside one of them Kate had a pillow and was playing hide and seek from Mom and Dad. This would entertain her for quite a while (this image was made later on my second attempt to “find” her).

Nicki spent all day packing, cleaning, and taking care of the kids; I spent all day finishing prints for delivery, running errands and trying to tie up the loose ends.  She had the much harder job.

We’ve never been away for this long and we’re excited.  And the thought of the nearly 38 hours of transit time leaves us a bit apprehensive too.

It’s going to be a great big adventure and in less than 24 hours it begins.


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