Day Fifty-seven:

Evidence of Kate…

Just in case we might forget she’s here, Kate reminds us of her presence.

Our friend Val stopped by late this morning and while she was there and chatting this morning, Kate took her sidewalk chalk and made these designs.  Somehow when we weren’t even looking, she picked some berries from the bushes outside of the front gate and then placed them right in the middle of the butterflies she drew.  I made a couple of images right after she did it but they didn’t quite work.

Two hours later, I poked my head out the front door and the light had changed.  It was more directional, though still soft muted by the cloud cover, but enough to make out shadows of the gate.  That little difference of just a couple of hours and a slightly different angle, made all the difference in the photograph.


One thought on “Day Fifty-seven:

  1. I really appreciate the little bits of information you put in about your images. Knowing that you tried this image but had to come back later to get one you liked teaches me a lot.

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