Day Fifty-one:

The Girl in The Bubble

Nicki got a note from our friend Trina that there is a new kid’s park in Ladera and it just opened on Friday.  Trina who knows Ladera better than some realtors was there on the first day to suss it out.  It passed the Trina inspection.

We would be there on the second day.

And it was a great afternoon.  Kate enjoyed doing her gymnastics on the monkey bars (especially to show off when her buddy Ben happened to come by with his parents and sister) and meeting new friends like John and Nick who were also all checking out the new park with their parents’ as well.

Ladera is loaded with parks and many smaller pocket parks which are perfect for a town with very large demographic of young children (I wonder what will happen 20 years from now — will Ladera still stay a beacon to the young families of Southern OC or will it morph into something else??) and this was in a very exclusive part of town.  High on a hillside, overlooking the area, this park sits, nestled in the midst of what are surely multi million dollar custom homes, some still being completed.

But all that didn’t matter to Kate or her new found friends — all they cared was that they had free reign on the monkey bars and jungle jim and checking out the world through a brand new plastic bubble with not one scratch on it.


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