Day Fifty:

I wasn’t quite sure what would be the photo of the day.

Later this afternoon, I thought of an idea.  The local dog run, just up the road from us, would  be a good place to go.  Especially since rain was forcast for later tonight and tomorrow.

We hadn’t been there for a long time, and I thought Kate would love seeing the dogs.  Oddly enough, though, she showed some trepidation around the dogs, which is so surprising to me since when she was little she was fearless.  We joked that she was a bit of a “Dog Whisperer” she just seemed to love being around the dogs. And they loved her.

They did love her and came running to her, and I think she still had a good time there, but when Mom proposed we go check out the t ball practices going on, she was all for that and took off for the gate.  Sports and games have taken over.

Even though her affinity for dogs has waned over the past couple of years (and there’s a side of me that hopes that little fearless little dog lover comes back), I’m glad we went.  Because seeing this collection of dogs in this moment made the little jaunt so worth it.


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