Day Forty-nine:

I escaped from behind the Orange Curtain today.

I forget how much of an island that living in Southern Orange County can be.  From the well manicured lawns, the white picket fences, the tile roofs, it’s easy to think that just about everyone lives like us.

But take a road trip about 50 miles north into LA and you’re reminded that it is a bubble.  So close and yet so amazingly different.  When we first moved to LA I couldn’t imagine that there would be such a gulf between the counties.

LA is trendy and hip, gritty and urban; the OC (especially by us) is very suburban, Mom and Pop.  There are hipper spots, like Laguna Beach and Newport Beach but they’re still different from LA.

I went up to the city for an event in the evening and a couple of meetings during the late afternoon and it was great to get away.  Tough not tucking the kids into bed, but this was a rare night out.

The image below is from an open house at the new RPL (Richard Photo Lab) on La Brea in Hollywood.  They’ve got an amazing space that is sparsely elegant and showcases the work they do for commercial, portrait and wedding photographers as well as the work they do for Hollywood (they had some printed stills from the new Scorsese flick with Leo that looked great).  Brian’s got a superb operation — it’s where I have my film processed and scanned and no place that I have found scans real silver-based b & w film better than Richards.  Plus Fuji was there, Cypress Albums (very high ranks for quality, style and elegance) and a nice assortment of photographers from the area.  There was a brief and fleetingly rare Smogranch (Dan Milnor) sighting there, too.  He presented me with a lovely gift of the b & w images he made at Sparky’s baptism two weeks ago…I’ll see if I can post them on the other blog…he made some fantastic images.

As nice as it is to escape the Orange Curtain, I do always feel at home when I turn off the I-5 for Ladera Ranch.


2 thoughts on “Day Forty-nine:

    1. Riccis…if you look closely in the background left of that photo, Jose Villa is back there…it was good to see he and Joel and a few folks I had not met before…have you seen the new digs yet?

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