Day Forty-six:

Winter retreated here today…making it feel almost like summer.

I posted a quick little status update on Facebook and it was the source of frustration for our east coast friends.  After living in the west for almost 20 years, I’ve become almost immune to winter.  It’s barely a memory.  But if pressed I can remember those days.  It does take work though.

Kate and Sparky had a full day.  Nicki was out and about with them at the park most of the morning, back home with them for a quick lunch and then back out for a pool aftern0on.  Of course we paid the price.  Both kids have full nuclear meltdowns this afternoon around dinner time.  They just simply crashed.  It probably wasn’t due totally to their activities today — they’ve had two late nights in a row and I think it just hit them.  Nicki too, I think she might already be asleep.

The photo from today is of Kate and her best buddy Marlee (who turned four today!) as they got some exercise at a playground near the pool.


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