Day Forty-five:

This evening we went to the beach again.

Tonight’s trip was to South Laguna Beach, the beach near the Montage.  I hadn’t been there to photograph since right before Christmas and could not believe how much the beach had changed since then.

The recent storms  has washed away some of the sand at the beach…there was a fall off of several feet and new rock exposed at the end of the ramp — you almost had to be a  mountain goat to get down to the waves.  Climb over the rail, climb down the steps and then the last step is about 4 feet down to the rocks.  It used to be sand.  I suspect that by the spring and summer the sand will be replaced and the beach will be back to normal.

The surf was incredible as well.  Much more than last night.  This beach had the best waves I think I have seen in a long time at the beach.  Some were 6-8 feet I’d guess, and they held their shape nicely.  The surfers who were out there had some amazing rides.

Tonight we were at the beach for a bittersweet session.  Our friends Robert and Mandy are leaving Ladera soon for their new home in Colorado, outside of Denver.

Mandy is South African and she and Nicki have gotten to know each other over the past few years.  For an expat it’s always nice to have folks who know about life back home.  Even though she’s married to a Yank, like Nicki is, it’s always great having local friends who have been there.  I wanted to give them a gift of a family session and they chose this beach because it is special to them.

It was a fun session made even more special because they had never had any type of portrait session done of the family.  And this was one of my favorites from the day — here Robert playfully “tosses” his son Jason during the last light of the day.

For photographers:  this image was made with the Zeiss ZE 50mm f1.4 — a relatively newly designed series of lenses by the legendary optical maker that works in the “old school” style of  manual focus (no auto focus, though it does have focus confirmation) on Canon cameras.  Exposure was 1/400th at f1.8 (on a Canon 5d) and the look is quite different than the look I get from the Canon 50 1.2L.  Why use it?  It’s small, light, and the feeling of actually focusing, but for me it’s primarily because of the look it creates.  The lenses are the closest thing that I have ever seen to the Zeiss 80mm f2.0 lens for the Contax 645.


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