Day Forty-four:

Last night Nicki and I decided that we would head to the beach late this afternoon as a family.  I suppose you could say it was kind of an early Valentine’s Day event, though actually it was more about taking a little bit of time out, and taking advantage of this place.

It was wonderful.

Traffic was pretty jammed on Coast Hwy going north — everyone else seemed to have the same idea as us.  Get to the beach on probably the nicest day (warmest too) we’ve had in about a month.  Plus, with the forcast of no rain in site, everyone was in a festive mood.

Odd, you wouldn’t think people in California would get “spring fever”, but I distinctly felt like I was in the presence of just that this afternoon.  Of course we haven’t battled the weather that has crippled the midwest and the east coast, but we have had our own cross to bear.  It’s little but we had it.

Now I have no idea if we’re through the winter here and pushing forward to spring…we very well might get another cold snap, or dousing of el nino rains…but no matter.  Today was just a day to take it all in and be grateful.

Kate watching the day end from Laguna Beach, Catalina Island in the distance…


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