Day Forty-three:

Tulip in the last light of the day…

It was a hectic day in the office and yet a quiet one.  I had a client presentation and then met with a portrait client and got a TON done today.

The quiet part was because Nicki had taken the kids down to Legoland which was great for them and great for me.

But just after 5 I realized, I better get going and make a photograph.

Heading into the dining room I spotted the tulips that Nicki got a couple of days ago.  Yesterday I actually photographed them as well, though a little bit earlier and the side light was stronger.  The flowers were definitely in better form yesterday.  So here I sit looking at the tulips that were starting to sag a bit.  Oh gees. Is there a photo here?  Cleaning up the composition I notice the light coming through the front window and decided to place the flower in front of it, exposing the image with enough light to get enough light in the foreground.

Later Nicki and the kids arrived home and I thought they would be fast asleep but they were wide awake.  So I had plenty of opportunities to photograph the kids before dinner and then before bed and while I made several that I love, but the old tulip was the one for today.


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