Day Forty-One

High In the Sky…

Kate leaps as she has for about as long as we can remember on the guest bed, with her younger cousin Taylor taking part.

We probably need to stop allowing this pretty soon as Kate is now over 40 pounds, but it brings such joy for her to jump “high in the sky” or “high/sky” as she used to say when she was just learning to talk.

She’s always been doing gymnastics whether it is the guest bed, or the couchs, or doing the balance beam, that is from the couch, across the two leather chairs, to the other couch in the lounge.

And it made the decision to sign her up for gymnastics at Cal Elite an easy and natural choice.  And even going to class and open gym there during the week, she still is full of energy.

It will be fun to see where this takes her because it’s sure been fun to watch.


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