Day Forty:

The rain was pounding so hard this morning, that at 4 a.m. it woke me  from a deep sleep.

I think it might have woken up the baby too, as he was fussy at 5.  But he soon went back to sleep and thus we could too.

It was one of those wet winter days here in CA that the Chamber of Commerce doesn’t want you to see, let alone remember.

With the exception of the folks dealing with the mud slides, the moisture is welcome — if it only can be held in the ground.

Kate had school and when we went there, there was a break in that rain.  Then for a brief moment, some sun, and then back to deep clouds.

I loved the look of the rain drops on the leaves of the agapanthus plants on the hillside near the house.  In May and June these will bloom into my favorite summer plant, but for now they’re just in waiting.


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